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Gas Mask Reviews

GAS MASK INFO...based on my opinions and experiences, articles in ASG, the book “Breathe No Evil,” and testimony of my acquaintances...
  • 1) US M17 series. I avoid the M17 because it does not have a drinking tube, something which I regard as necessary. The M17A1 internal tube is just another part to break and/or cause a leak. The preference of American masks is the M17A2. It is “the latest” of the M17 series, can use the issue resuscitation tube, and comes is a wider variety of sizes. The canteen cap for drinking thru M17 series masks will lose its grey rubber “internal cone” after a few uses; this is no cause for concern. PROS: Parts and accessories widely available, good field of view, quality filters, drinking tube, quality facepiece resistant to mustard/HD. CONS: Cheek filters. The masks were designed when the US was looking for a compact, lightweight mask and it looked fine on paper but didn’t turn out so convenient in the field. Personally I carry a NATO-threaded mask alongside my M17 series so I can wear the NATO mask while completing the tedious filter changing process of the M17.
  • 2) Israeli Civilian mask. The main complaint about these is the stiffness of the rubber. Facepiece is so rigid that if one must move in a cramped space and accidentally bumps the filter on something the seal is broken and the person becomes a victim. PROS: Uses widely available and quick-changing NATO filters. CONS: Mass production=poor quality control, rigid facepiece, eye lenses in awkward position for some.
  • 3) Russian ShM. Floppy, thin grey rubber mask that provides an instant good seal because there are no straps. PROS: Available in variety of sizes, NATO filters. CONS: Limited visibility, very hot after short period of time, most sizes impair hearing.
  • 4) US M40 series. The “latest” but with some drawbacks. I will provide more details on each model in the future. PROS: NATO filters, variety of sizes, good vision, perimeter "lip" seal. CONS: Silicone facepiece prone to mustard/HD penetration, loses proper fit if not tightly fit into carrier while moving, poor peripheral vision.
  • 5) Canadian C4. Personal favorite. Fits like a dream, seals even with a slight beard, drinking/inhale/exhale easier than most others, a fine mask all around. PROS: NATO filters, drinking system works with US issue canteen caps, two voicemitters, filter position can be changed, outer "lip" seal, best vision around, very easy to use all functions. CONS: Not for sale in USA.
  • 6) Israeli "M15" Military issue. Better than the civilian crap. PROS: Good field of view, NATO filters, drinking capability. CONS: Difficult to find drinking accessories, poor fit for most, rubber not very flexible or comfortable.